Sled Dog Rides 2018-19


AVAILABLE TODAY in Fairbanks, Alaska:

907-455-6861(cell# - text okay)

907-712-7976(ask for Drew, landline, no texts)

Sled dog rides are $100 per hour/ per person.


I just wanted to express again how much Sandy and I enjoyed visiting with you and sharing time on such an amazing adventure. Both of us could not stop talking about how cool the experience was. Being out in the peaceful quiet, listening to the sound of the dogs’ feet in the snow and their breath as they ran along the Tanana, taking in the beauty that is Alaska, it was magical, as Ed so often describes things in Alaska.

Thank you so much again for allowing us to participate and really be a part of our sled dog visit, and to be so engaged with the dogs. We loved it! ~ Jo-anne, New Zealand

We left Alaska yesterday, but Lori and I wanted to thank you for a terrific day of dog mushing.

We had such a great time!.... couldn't stop talking about it!

Mary, California


Grandmother Curio

curio mama