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Prepare for your Dog Mushing Adventure

Dog mushing can be challenging – both physically & mentally, know your limits – esp. if you are going to drive a sled.

There is also Nature to contend with – in the form of winter weather.

Proper clothing is paramount.  Most guides will be able to provide you with the gear required, however, check with them before you sign up.

Clothing requirements for a 10 minute to 3 hour dog mushing ride:

  1. Dress in layers – you may get too hot or cold and you’ll need to be able to adjust
  2. Thermal underwear, a sweater, wool socks, wool hat, ski pants and a down jacket are recommended to be worn (or at least available)
  3. You may want a pair of goggles that resist fogging in snowy or extremely cold conditions
  4. To protect your hands a pair of tight fighting gloves (while getting ready to go) and a looser pair of mittens (on the trail) are required
  5. Boots should be rated to 20 or 30 below, hiking boots or any sort of tennis shoe will simply not work
  6. Be sure to wear a smile… wait, that will happen automatically once you are on the trail